POLICE are probing a second attack on sheep in fields just outside Selkirk in as many weeks.

Just a fortnight after a flock were attacked on land close to the town's Pot Loch, a further two sheep were killed on Friday in the same field.

Several more of the animals were badly injured in the most recent attack and may have to be put down.

Just two weeks after making the initial discovery farmer Andrew McColm yet again found his animals with horrific injuries.

He told us: "This was the second time in two weeks that a dog has attacked the sheep in same field.

"A couple were dead on Friday and others will likely have to be put down as they have facial wounds or torn tendons."

A walker raised the alarm on Friday after witnessing this latest dog attack.

And police are carrying out enquiries.

A spokesperson said: "Enquiries are continuing into a sheep worrying incident which took place on Friday, February 14.

"Two sheep were killed and others were injured."

This latest attack near Selkirk comes in the same week NFU Scotland revealed that livestock worth £113,000 was lost to dog attacks last year.

Although the insurance value of killed animals has dropped from the previous year, warnings are still being issued.

Rebecca Davidson, rural affairs specialist at NFU Mutual, stated: “A significant number of dog owners still don’t realise that their much-loved pet is capable of attacking and killing large numbers of lambs and sheep.

"Even if a dog doesn’t make contact, the distress and exhaustion of the chase can cause sheep to die or miscarry their lambs.

“We’re also alarmed that more than half of owners are leaving their dogs unsupervised outside their homes when they are out – particularly when one in six admits their dog has already escaped.”

Police are increasingly finding that unsupervised dogs are escaping from owners’ gardens and roaming fields, attacking livestock.

Ms Davidson added: "Scottish farmers’ fears that a significant number of dog owners are letting their dogs roam free unsupervised.

“Whether owners don’t know or don’t care about the carnage their pets are causing, these people are giving a bad name to the responsible majority who do keep their pets under control.”

Anyone with information regarding this latest dog attack near Selkirk on Friday, February 14 is asked to call Police Scotland on 101.