DON'T be too surprised if there's a few turned-up collars and pairs of blue suede shoes on Selkirk High Street this week.

The town's Victoria Hall has been transported back to the swinging 60s.

And the hand-clapping, finger-clicking frolics of All Shook Up is certain to send toe-tapping shockwaves all around the Royal Burgh.

If there is a need to remind the world of the genius of Elvis Presley, Selkirk Musical Theatre Company's stunning adaptation of the Joe DiPietro theatre play will have Souters creating new Spotify playlists for months to come.

But it's not just the terrific versions of the songs that make this hilarious, hip-swinging show such a success.

The Selkirk cast, whose numbers have swollen in recent years, is stronger now than it has ever been.

And it's the confidence and playfulness of the actors, along with their exceptionally fine voices, that makes sure the hugely ambitious All Shook Up is a rock 'n' roll triumph.

It's a bit like all your favourite episodes of Happy Days rolled into one - with loads of stunning singalong hits from the King.

There's tears, there's laughter and there's plenty dancing-in-your-seats.

Stuart Mitchell is marvellous as rebel-with-a-womanising-cause Chad.

Stuart's been a leading light on the Victoria Hall stage for several years, but this is perhaps his crowning moment as the King of Rock 'n' roll-inspired ladies' man.

Kirsty Cleland is every bit as good as Natalie and - after popping into the garage for a quick gender change - Ed.

And joining them both in a bizarre love triangle is the comedy genius Ross Aitken.

With a leaning towards Emo Philips, Ross provides more than a few of the continuous laugh-out-loud moments as Chad's side-kick.

In Mitchell, Cleland and Aitken, Selkirk Musical Theatre Company has an exciting future.

And they also have the equally-talented Ellen McFadzen, Craig Douglas and Amanda Blacklock to provide even more unrequited love confusion.

If the lucky ticket holders at this week's show need any convincing of the depth of talent on the stage they will be blown away as one-by-one the six leads line up for Can't Help Falling in Love.

And just before the half-time curtain falls the rest of this hugely impressive cast will join them as the breathtaking version of one of Elvis's most beautiful songs builds.

The younger generation isn't let down either as Rebecca Fernie and Sam Johnston are terrific as love-struck teenagers, Lorraine and Dean.

The duo sparkle in the bike-chasing-bus scene with It's Now or Never.

The slightly more experienced Amy Darrie, Raymond D'Agrossa, Emma Cavaroli, Robin Murray and Rebecca Fernie are also more than convincing in their roles as All Shook Up lights up the stage.

And the chorus, dancers and children never disappoint in, what has to be, a challenging show packed with precise timing and stunning choreography.

The One Night With You gag will never get old.

And the mash-up between Teddy Bear and Hound Dog was quite remarkable.

Congratulations must go to musical director Derek Calder as well as the show's overall director and producer, Steve Oliver.


Chad – Stuart Mitchell

Warden – Robin Murray

Sylvia – Amanda Blacklock

Lorraine – Rebecca Fernie

Natalie – Kirsty Cleland

Dennis – Ross Aitkin

Grace – Emma Cavaroli

Gracie – Alice Fyfe

Jim – Craig Douglas

Mayor Matilda – Amy Darrie

Sheriff Earl – Raymond D’Agrosa

Dean – Sam Johnston

Miss Sandra – Ellen McFadzen

Bus Driver – Kyle Fairbairn

Kids – Callum Crooks, Poppy Davidson, Halle Houghton, Emme Swanston, Lucymarie Mcavoy, Ruaridh Anderson, Ceijay Robinson and Ellie Bryson Welsh.

Dancers – Donna Dodds, Sara Young, Kris Dodds, Erin Russell, Amy Welsh, Millie Robinson, Yvonne Mitchell and Alice Fyfe

Company – Karen D’Agrosa, Anthea Mennie, Aimee Richardson, Tracy Borthwick, Julie Craig, Michelle Donaghy, Denise Logan, Lara Fairbairn, Logan Fairbairn, Jodie Millar, Leanne Robinson & Molly Macfarlane.


Reeds – Sam Lord, Steve Lilley and Paul Cormie

Trumpet – Colin Kemp

Trombone – Richard Howden

Keyboard 1 – Derek Calder

Keyboard 2 – Cath Cormie

Guitar – Gary Smith

Bass Guitar – Kit Petry

Drumkit – Graham Borthwick

Stage Crew - Grant Brown, Jason Fairbairn, Kerry Brown, Justin Gilchrist, Allan Brown & Derek Brown.

Front of House - Pauline Douglas, Jake Douglas, Joy Snape, Shelagh Donnelly, Alison Brown, Maureen Cockburn, Barbara Hood, Dilys Wheelans, Eleanor Scott, Agnes Mitchell, Cath Henderson, Wendy Boustead, Patty Alexander, Margery Inglis, Isobel Hogarth, Fiona Ross, Nicola Tait, Kathleen Watson, Enid Fitch, Dennis Roberts, Lynne Robertson, Hayley Smith, Ian Wilson, Greg Sandilands, Eric Middleton, Ben McLean & Edith Scott.