WORKMEN are being drafted into homes on a recently built Galashiels street in a bid to end major damp problems.

Tenants have been complaining for the past couple of years about mould and other signs of dampness in their Coulter Avenue homes.

Despite treating the bedroom, bathroom and living room walls themselves - as well as redecorating - the dark, damp patches keep returning.

One tenant on the Melrose Gait estate, who we agreed not to name, told us: "This was a brand new house when we moved in and this was the last thing we expected.

"You try to make your house as nice as possible but it has become embarrassing.

"I’ve cleaned it several times over the years but it still returns - and there are water marks there now as well.

"We keep the windows open and try to keep the house as warm and aired as we can but nothing stops it from coming back."

It is understood that several properties on the street have been affected by the same problems.

Although social landlord Eildon Housing and builders, Persimmon Homes, have been called out several times to view the dampness no remedial work has yet been carried out.

The tenant told us: "They have been out lots of times and were trying to blame the fans.

"There's a lot more than fans that are wrong."

A spokesperson for Eildon told us contractors will carry out repairs in the coming weeks.

And they are also holding talks with Persimmon Homes about, what they believe, are underlying defects.

They said: “We are aware of some issues with our homes at Coulter Avenue in Galashiels.

"These are relatively new homes and we have been in discussion with Persimmon Homes regarding what we believe to be latent defects. We have instructed a contractor to undertake remedial works as soon as possible on these properties and have contacted tenants to advise them of these issues.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused to our tenants.”