NO matter how successful you become you should never forget your roots.

A group of Peebles High pupils turned rockers have proved this adage true by returning to their hometown to play a concert to raise funds for their fire-hit school.

Geckohead, rumoured to be one of Scotland’s most talented up and coming young bands, released their debut single, “Ticket to Master” on September 8.

A memorable day for the four young talented Scottish lads Cameron Boak, Lewis Mackenzie, James Muir and Euan Russell.

The band formed in the summer of 2017, originally as a three-piece and soon after recruited Bathgate based guitarist Lewis.

The Peebles based band have worked hard to hone their own brand of heavy/alternative rock and have concentrated on writing songs that show a maturity way beyond their young years, songs that drip with teenage angst, apathy, frustration and the folly of man.

Ticket to Master was the first of several releases, hopefully leading to the launch of their first album in the near future.

With a batch of recent five-star reviews to their name their reputation as entertainers is assured. If you manage to catch one of their live performances, prepare for a nonstop barrage of hard hitting songs, which are played and performed with such energy it is difficult not to be seduced by their sheer enthusiasm.

The band is currently organizing a fundraiser (Phoenix) in aid of Peebles High School fire relief fund. As pupils of Peebles High it was decided to invite other young bands to perform alongside, (Thursday Underground and Police Sketch).

Speaking on behalf of the band, James said: “We found the events surrounding the fire quite harrowing and we wanted to show our support for the recovery of the school. We hope the money will go to good use.

“The school means a lot, it plays a huge role in both our social life as well as education, it’s where we make new friends, and a lot of crucial lessons are learned. It really is a large part of all our lives.”

The young rockers have raised the rafters off of venues throughout the south of Scotland, but their first major gig as young teenagers is one they’ll never forget, after playing for a crowd of leather-clad Hells Angels.

The band say they are looking forward to performing in their hometown and are hoping the gig will be a sell-out.

“It’ll be great to play in front of a big crowd with the big PA and lights behind us,” said James.

The concert on Saturday, March 21 in the Burgh Hall, Peebles, is sure to get your head banging and promises to be a memorable night. To be a part of the action, grab your ticket at

For further details of shows/releases check out their social media on Facebook and Instagram.