CALLS are being made for the return of a one-way system to dangerous roads in Selkirk.

For more than four years drivers observed a one-way diversion around Yarrow Terrace, Buccleuch Road and Mill Street due to a dispute over a dangerous wall.

But once negotiations concluded between a hotel owner and Scottish Borders Council over the funding of repairs to the wall, the roads reverted back to a two-way system in the spring of 2017.

For the past three years, though, there have been countless reports of bumps and near misses on all three streets.

And now residents say they have had enough.

Local Scout leader and community activist Graham Coulson said: "I have nearly had my car put in three times recently at the bottom of Mill Street.

"We have lived with this for over two years now and it is obvious that Mill Street shouldn't be open to two-way traffic.

"There has been other issues on Yarrow Terrace as well - I was told about eight cars having to reverse up a dangerous road to allow an articulated lorry to come up.

"This is a major safety issue."

Consideration was given to maintaining the one-way system when the wall had been repaired in 2017, but it was ruled out due to costs for permanently adapting junctions and road lay-outs.

Recently discovered subsidence on Buccleuch Road was also believed to be a factor.

Selkirk community councillor Sue Bremner lives on Yarrow Terrace.

She said: "I have had to reverse a few times to allow other cars through and your are running the gauntlet at times coming up that street.

"Something needs to be done - it is a nightmare for everyone who uses the road each day."

Local community campaigner Dougie Purves also called for the reintroduction of one-way travel.

He said: "I grew up there and most of the people living around that area were for keeping the one-way system.

"Within a few days of it going back to two-way traffic several wing-mirrors were taken off cars in Mill Street."

Community councillor Jim Stillie added his weight to the push for a one-way system to return.

He said: "I had to reverse along Yarrow Terrace with three other cars just recently - it's not good.

"For me, though, the worst part is Mill Street. Nobody can see as they come round the corner.

"There's also a parking problem on Buccleuch Road."

Selkirkshire councillors Elaine Thornton-Nicol and Caroline Penman agreed to raise the issue with the local authority.

Councillor Penman said: "I will take this back to Scottish Borders Council.

"I did ask about this last year and I was told that Police Scotland don't consider it a priority area due to the number of crashes.

"Scottish Borders Council was willing to introduce double yellow lines but I'm not sure that's the answer."