TIME is standing still in Selkirk yet again.

Just weeks after a £430,000 refurbishment was completed at the end of 2018, the iconic town clock stopped working and even, for a while, went backwards.

Further cash had to be spent on repairing the mechanism to have Selkirk ticking again.

But less than a year on the calamity clock has broken down again.

One face is currently running fast, one is now unlit after internal bulbs blew and another has stopped altogether.

The company who carried out the initial refurbishment is being drafted back once more.

Selkirkshire councillor Caroline Penman said: "Wind is being blamed on one of the faces stopping.

"It seemingly bent one of the hands and it is stuck.

"The company who carried out the original work have been contacted and it is now a case of waiting for them to come and fix it."

Work began on the 227-year-old building and spire back in October 2017.

The repairs and refurbishment was expected to cost £300,000 but further damage was identified, leading to an extra £130,000 being spent.

Selkirk resident Cath Henderson said: "Considering the amount of money that was spent it is terrible that so much has gone wrong with the clock."