CREMATORIUM bosses in Melrose have introduced strict social distancing for all future funerals.

But they aren't restricting numbers attending the services.

Guidance has been passed on to all local funeral directors over the changes in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

A spokesman for the Westerleigh Group, owners of the Borders Crematorium, told us: "We are not restricting the number of mourners but we are asking everyone to observe a sensible space between each other when they attend a service.

"We are also asking for anyone who has the symptoms of the coronavirus not to attend any services."

The coronavirus outbreak is expected to continue for several months in the UK.

And the new guidance will continue at the Melrose crematorium until government advice allows for it to be lifted.

As well as social distancing during funeral services, staff at the Borders Crematorium are discouraging hand-shaking and hugging.

The spokesman added: "We want to reduce the chances of the virus being passed on.

"We will ask mourners to avoid hand-shaking and hugging, which we understand is difficult at such a time, and we will also be encouraging hand-washing at the facilities we have made available."