The cinema in Galashiels has teamed up with a pub to ask for help during the coronavirus shutdown.

The Pavilion, on Market Street, and Bank Street's Salmon Inn are calling on people to buy gift vouchers that can be used when the premises re-open.

Cinema manager Andrew Poole said: "It’s vital we are in a strong position and ‘business ready’ when the time comes to re-open, and by supporting your local business now by buying gift vouchers or gift cards this can make a massive difference to the survivability of that business."

Partner of the Salmon Inn Michelle Douglas said the pub was going through an "extremely difficult time".

She said: "Buying a gift voucher will help us to keep operating as a business while the shutdown is in place. And will ensure we are ready to open once the word comes through.”

Gift cards from the Pavilion can be puchased through its website, while vouchers for the Salmon Inn can be bought through its Facebook page.

Mr Poole said: “Small businesses in Galashiels and the wider Borders are facing down the devil.

"While closed we have limited or no source of cash over the counter income.

"We do not have the economy of scale that major retail operators enjoy and every penny counts towards keeping us in business."

Mr Poole added: "Michelle and I are appealing for you to make contact with your local business and see what they can offer."