A FAMILY have built their very own tiki bar in their Kelso garden.

Veronica Sullivan, 34, has used lockdown as a chance to hone her carpentry skills.

Ms Sullivan teamed up with her partner James Herriot and her 15-year-old son Josh Sullivan to bring a spot of the exotic to Roxburghshire.

Ms Sullivan told the Border Telegraph: "It only took two full days to build with all three of us all getting hands-on."

The masterpiece now sits proudly beside the family's hot tub, lying in wait for warm weather.

Explaining where the idea came from, Ms Sullivan said: "We love our holidays to Majorca and whilst on holiday we saw a few designs we loved and decided we could make our garden all tropical, and a tiki bar would be perfect to go with our hot tub.

"Over the space of a few months last summer we collected free pallets and wood and any little bits we thought would work with full intentions of making the bar over the winter ready for this summer, but never got around to it.

"Last week, after having to self-isolate and having an extremely bored teenager who is very sporty and hands on, we decided to build it."

The bar has been decorated with lights, colourful glasses and jugs and, of course, plenty of spirits, wine, beer and juice.

Away from the bar, however, the family have also been keeping busy.

Ms Sullivan said: "We are very active people, we love to be out at the beach or cinema or walks, spend a lot of time as a family – out and about or away on holiday.

"We have had to cancel holidays and my son's rugby trip was cancelled so it has been difficult being confined in our house.

"However, we have been phoning family and playing games and quizzes over video chat, and we are keeping busy with gardening, school work, and science experiments.

"We understand how important it is that everyone stays safe."

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