An Innerleithen girl celebrated the "best birthday ever" after big-hearted gestures helped stave off the lockdown blues.

Aria Lynas had been looking forward to inviting all her friends round for her first proper party as she turned five years old.

But the Prime Minister was a party pooper and burst the balloon on the plans after he announced lockdown last Monday (March 23).

Aria wasn’t worried, though, because she knew someone just as tenacious as Boris Johnson – her mum Donna Leslie!

There were no friends screaming through the door clutching gifts, but my goodness was there a party. Peeblesshire News photographer Helen Barrington was outside Aria's home on the Strand to capture the celebrations on Tuesday.

Hearing that Aria’s birthday ideas had been thwarted tugged on the heartstrings of local business owners.

Donna was nominated by her friend and Innerleithen community councillor Jackie Couchman to be gifted sweet treats with compliments of John Adam Bakery.

She received goodies for her daughter’s birthday with a slip championing Donna for “self-isolating with her two young children, and keeping things positive and interesting for everyone”.

But what’s a birthday without ice-cream? Thanks to the generosity of Caldwell’s, who messaged Donna to say they would scoop up some cold creamy treats, Aria didn’t miss out.

Well-known for her larger than life can-do attitude, amazing mum Donna pulled off the most memorable garden party.

She was up at the crack of dawn putting out a handmade banner, posters, and balloons, and even chalked the pavement so passers-by could join in the party games by playing ‘socially distanced’ hopscotch.

“I had Aria’s favourite teddies out in the garden with their party hats on so they could be her friends for the day,” said Donna. “We sat at our table in our fancy dress costumes and had our party food and played games throughout the afternoon. Aria enjoyed a birthday cake made by our very talented friend Hayley Donald.”

The gentleman wearing a bow tie who escorted beautiful Aria to her party was none other than big brother Kian, who was only too happy to dress up for the occasion.

Donna says she’s so grateful to everyone who helped. “I received a lovely comment from someone who passed by the garden and said it brought on the warmest of feelings.”

After a fun-filled day, Donna put the exhausted birthday girl to bed, whispering: “I hope I made your dreams come true by giving you a party you’ll always remember.”

To which Aria replied: “Mummy, it was the best birthday ever, thank you.”