A SUPERHERO fan from Earlston has brought smiles to the town.

Tyler, aged 10, donned his Deadpool costume before going on a walk with his mum Jackie Stewart on April 2.

And residents taking their daily dose of exercise were delighted with what they saw.

Tyler told us: "I thought it would be nice to go out and cheer people up."

The schoolboy received plenty of thank yous from friends and neighbours, according to his mum.

Ms Stewart said: "It made me very proud, especially when seeing neighbours smiling.

"It makes all the difference to put smiles on faces. I'm very happy and proud."

And it might not just be Deadpool who makes an appearance in Earlston, as Tyler also owns a Spiderman costume and ninja outfit.

Ms Stewart added: "We're trying to keep things as normal as possible, but it's hard to keep normality.

"With the virus, it's important to spread cheer."