VANDALS have breached lockdown rules to damage sections of Melrose golf course.

Last week the club's greenkeeper found several unrepaired pitch marks on a green, as well as damage to the sixth fairway.

All play was suspended following the publication of social distancing guidance to tackle coronavirus.

But on March 31 the golf club's Facebook account reported the discovery of a "despicable act".

Alongside a picture of damage to the course, the post reads: "Today our greenkeeper came across this on the 6th fairway along with unrepaired pitch marks on the green.

"This truely [sic] is a despicable act carried out by someone who has no care to the current government lockdown, respect for the club and the course."

Club secretary Steve Ervine told us members have been obeying the playing ban, but the suspicion is that the damage has been inflicted at night.

He said: "There's not much action that can be taken. The greenkeeper hasn't noticed anyone playing – our members are adhering to the closure.

"There are still dog walkers on the course, but we can't stop that."

Reflecting on the damage, he said: "It's not a lot of damage on the fairway – it's barely a square-metre.

"The damage on the fairway is all in one place where someone has repeatedly hit a ball in the same spot. The damage on the green is from pitch marks."

In a final plea to golfers and the wider public, Mr Erwin added: "Don't go to play golf. It's not been listed as part of daily exercise.

"We closed the course so no-one should be playing."