ALCOHOL manufacturers in the Borders are producing hand sanitiser for care homes, hospitals and schools.

The Borders Distillery in Hawick and Selkirk Distillers have been issuing donations to meet demand during the coronavirus outbreak.

John Fordyce from The Borders Distillery said: "The whisky industry on the whole is making a massive effort."

Mr Fordyce said his site has produced 280 bottles of hand gel, while Selkirk Distillers owner Allan Walker told us he has overseen the creation of 82 litres so far.

Mr Walker said: "The community has been very positive and supportive of a temporary switch.

"We have overwhelmed with the demand. We have donated the whole amount to key workers, charity and local farmers for lambing.

"We are currently trying to source ingredients to produce another batch."

Meanwhile, Mr Fordyce, who spoke to us while delivering bottles to an at-home carer in Denholm, said the whisky industry as a whole has made a major contribution to the battle against COVID-19.

He said: "This has all been organised by the industry, the health and safety executive and Scottish Government."

Mr Fordyce wished to emphasise that the sanitiser is not for sale – and the distillery's focus remains alcohol for consumption.

He said: "We have not switched production. We are donating only in the local areas, we're focusing on schools, community hospitals, and in-home carers."