BORDERS golf courses are ready for a busy weekend as the sport makes a return today (May 29).

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is allowing a number of outdoor sports to take place as long as social distancing guidelines are respected.

Golfers have been quick to book up tee times this weekend, with fine weather expected.

Torwoodlee chairman Robin Brydon said: “Everybody’s raring to go."

Mr Brydon told the Border Telegraph that the course is "almost fully booked" for the coming days.

"Everybody on the golf course is ready – all the pins are in, and the greens are getting their final cut," said Mr Brydon.

He added: “We had three new members sign up on Wednesday (May 27) because golf is one of the sports people can play.”

Melrose Golf Club has also recruited new members, according to greens convenor Gary Craig.

He said: “There has definitely been a decent uptake of tee times by members, and we’ve had a couple of new members joining.

“But it is just members at the moment – no visitors are permitted to play.

“We’re expecting more members to keep booking online.

"Players are expected to tee off 10 minutes apart, and keep to the two-metre distancing rule – or two club lengths, as we call it!

“We hope people will use their common sense.”

Melrose residents have been walking the course during lockdown, said Mr Craig, but there are now fears over health and safety as the sport returns.

Mr Craig said: “There is a slight concern, because people have been using the course as a public park.

"We’ve been putting up signs warning the general public.

“With the gorgeous weather, everybody’s been out.”

Jedburgh Golf Club, meanwhile, is allowing visitors to play – but only if they live within five miles of the course, so that Scottish Government guidance is followed.

The club's head of committee Chris Paige said: “We’re asking the question [of where they live] but ultimately it comes down to each individual, and if they want to follow the rules or not – the club can only do so much.

“We have a couple of groups of visitors today and another couple over the weekend.

“It’s a bit of a boost in income for the club, having been shut for over two months.

"Visitor income is a huge part of our income.

“It’s great to welcome them back.”