A GALASHIELS schoolgirl with epilepsy has made a video to teach people about the condition.

Lucy Millar gets seizures lasting up to 12 seconds due to childhood absence epilepsy (CAE).

Now the nine-year-old wants to teach people how to react when someone has a seizure.

Her father Bruce said he felt "pretty emotional" as his daughter crafted a YouTube video, which has gone on to achieve more than 1,000 views.

"Right from the start she wanted to reach as many people as possible to teach them about CAE ," said Mr Millar, whose daughter was diagnosed a year ago.

Lucy said: "I feel more OK about it [CAE] because I know more about epilepsy now.

"Sometimes I worry that I'll have a seizure even though I know my medicine works.

"I don't think many people know there are different types of epilepsy and if more people know about it then it's better for epileptics.

"I would like to teach people what to do if someone they know has an absence seizure to make sure they are safe.

"Also to help people spot absence seizures with their children."

This newspaper asked Mr Millar what advice he would give parents whose children have epilepsy.

He said: "Take a deep breath – you might feel like you've been hit by a train, but there's a good chance your child is braver than you realise."

He also recommended joining support groups and letting children with epilepsy socialise together.

To watch Lucy's video, you can click this link.