MANY of us have been working from home during the coronavirus pandemic - meaning our internet speeds have taken on greater importance.

Statistics issued by the House of Commons Library show the best and worst parts of the UK when it comes to download and upload speeds.

In the constituency of Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, the average download speed is 35.2 Mbps (megabits per second).

The fastest average download speeds in the constituency can be found in the Lauder area (42.7 Mbps), while the slowest are in Cheviot West (23.3 Mbps).

Ofcom regards decent download speeds as those which are 10 Mbps or above.

However, in some parts of the Borders, a considerable proportion of households fail to receive decent speeds.

In the Ettrick, Yarrow and Lilliesleaf area, more than a third of broadband users suffer from sub-par download speeds (36.8 per cent are in this camp).

Ranked: Areas with the highest proportion of households suffering from sub-par download speeds

  1. Ettrick, Yarrow and Lilliesleaf (36.8 per cent of households are unable to achieve decent speeds)
  2. Cheviot West (32.9 per cent)
  3. Denholm and Hermitage (30.4 per cent)
  4. Berwickshire Central (25.5 per cent)
  5. Cheviot East (25.5 per cent)
  6. Berwickshire East (20.8 per cent)
  7. Chirnside and area (17.9 per cent)
  8. Lauder and area (14.8 per cent)
  9. Earlston, Stow and Clovenfords (13.1 per cent)
  10. St Boswells and Newtown (10.3 per cent)

Ranked: Areas with the lowest proportion of households suffering from sub-par download speeds

  1. Burnfoot (0 per cent)
  2. Eyemouth (0 per cent)
  3. Hawick North (0 per cent)
  4. Jedburgh (0 per cent)
  5. Kelso North (0 per cent)
  6. Hawick West End (0.2 per cent)
  7. Galashiels West (0.2 per cent)
  8. Galashiels South (0.2 per cent)
  9. Galashiels North (0.2 per cent)
  10. Hawick Central (0.2 per cent)

For access to the full data, you can click this link.