BORDERS police have issued a warning after reports of young people climbing onto school roofs.

Parents should let their children know how dangerous the activity is, according to officers.

Police say nobody has been injured, but the roofs are not built to withstand the weight of people walking across them.

In a Facebook post published at 10.57am on July 6, police wrote: “Police in the Scottish Borders have received several calls in relation to young people climbing onto the roofs of school buildings.

“Fortunately at this time nobody has been injured.

“Roofs are often not designed to withstand the weight of people walking across them and are seldom provided with barriers at the edge to prevent falls.

“Some roofing materials and features such as skylights may be particularly fragile so pose one of the greatest risks of people falling through.

“We are asking that parents speak to their child and ensure they are aware of the dangers of climbing on buildings.

“The consequences of falling from a height are simply not worth the risk.”