PARTYING louts who trashed a Borders beauty spot have sparked outrage and calls for police action.

Furious locals voiced their disgust after pictures were released of an abandoned marquee, burned materials, mounds of rubbish and broken bottles at the Meldons, near Peebles.

Police were alerted when a horde of revellers arrived early on Saturday for a booze-fuelled party.

Officers attended and later said there were “no issues”, stating that the visitors were compliant when spoken to.

The response from Police Scotland has enraged local residents.

Alison Pearson said: “Many people will have seen the photos of the carnage left after campers abused the area for 48 hours.

“It seems from what the police said that ‘no offence has been committed’."

She added: “We went to the Meldons a lot when our kids were young and still go to walk the Old Post Road.

“But sadly we have not taken our little granddaughter to play by the burn due to fears over broken glass.”

Another Peebles resident wrote: “Absolutely disgusted at that declaration from Police Scotland.”

The partying group returned to clean up the mess after police intervention, but it is understood they later dumped the debris at a local farm.

One local man, who does not want to be named, told the Border Telegraph that he drives over the Meldons regularly and on one occasion had a bottle thrown at his car.

He said: “The issue has definitely got worse over the past couple of months.

“These people are cutting fences to get their cars down to the burn and pitch their tents. It’s an absolute nightmare.

“The list of criminal damage is endless, so for the police to say they are not committing any offence is wrong.

“We don’t want to take away the freedoms of responsible people, but the Countryside Code needs to be revisited to give it some teeth.”

Another frustrated local said: “Offences have definitely been committed. The police need to read up on law.

“Burning plastic chairs inside a plastic marquee must be classed as vandalism for a start.”

Biggar residents also took to social media saying it was time to clamp down on “outright abuse of treasured outdoor spaces”.

On the Biggar Community (Scotland) page, Fiona Pagett wrote: “The increase in littering, fly-tipping, dirty camping, and utter disregard for our countryside has to stop.

“They simply burned their entire tent down and all the garbage they accumulated whilst there.

“Our wildlife is choking on this material. Our children and dogs are being walked amongst it – human waste included.”

The group were dubbed “disgusting dirty humans” for their actions.

“Absolutely disgusting”, said a member of one community forum. “There is no way in hell I would treat an area I visit with such disdain.”

Meanwhile, fears were voiced about a second wave of coronavirus after pictures were posted online of the group who were allegedly responsible.

Our source said: “There was no social distancing whatsoever. This kind of behaviour has been happening most weekends throughout the lockdown.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police were called around 11.30am on Saturday, 18 July, to a report of a large number of cars and people arriving at 'The Meldons', Peebles.

“Officers attended and advice and assistance was given. There were no issues and people were compliant on officers attending.

“On Sunday, 19 July, around 3pm, police were called regarding a large amount of rubbish and a 'marquee' burnt out.

“Advice was given to speak to the council regarding the rubbish left behind. However, local officers have been made aware of the issue.”