FOOTBALL fans from Galashiels are featured in new book examining rivalries from around the world.

Us and Them: New Journeys in Football Rivalry is published by anti-sectarian charity Nil By Mouth.

As well as including accounts from Bilbao, China and Kosovo, the book tells the stories of Tam Cass and Johnny Sweeney, who watched their teams compete in the tragic Ibrox Stadium Disaster fixture of 1971 where 66 fans lost their lives.

The chapter ‘City Rivals’ was written by Nil by Mouth director Dave Scott, who lives in the Borders.

He said: “Football rivalry, especially when it comes to the ‘Old Firm’, is a cocktail of pride, passion, pantomime and poison.

“It would be easy to focus on the negatives but we choose to look at some interesting stories of friendship across the divide, both on and off the pitch, examining the relationship between [Celtic’s] Billy McNeill and [Rangers player] John Greig as well as allowing supporters the opportunity to tell their own stories.

“Tam and Johnny’s story is an extremely powerful one as it shows how they could easily set aside sporting rivalry when faced which much deeper human experiences.”

Writers who have contributed to the book include Daniel Gray and Andrew Downie.

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