A FORMER NHS nurse is set to roam the hills to raise funds for a charity care provider devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Almost a year ago, Mandy Day-Calder took over the leadership of a company that provides training for health and social care professionals across the UK – Charles Bloe Training.

And now she will walk from her hometown of Innerleithen to Edinburgh to rack up cash for one of her clients – Methodist Homes (MHA).

The not-for-profit care provider last month reported that they had lost 398 residents and three colleagues to the virus.

Mandy said: “I didn’t expect a pandemic in year one of business. The last few months have been hard work but also very rewarding as we have worked closely with clients to ensure essential training is provided.

“They (MHA) have been devastated and traumatised by the pandemic with lots of care homes losing residents and some staff.

"I’ve worked closely with some key staff to redesign training packages and upskill care staff.”

Despite the challenges that the last few months have inevitably brought, Mandy says something amazing has emerged from it.

She added: “Through honest and emotional conversations with managers, I have rekindled and embraced my ‘why’. I’m passionate about ensuring that people receive the best care possible."

Mandy worked with the care home manager to redesign training packages.

“In a way that was the easy bit,” she said.

“I have also listened to him talk about the devastation that COVID-19 has caused throughout MHA’s homes and services.

“I’ve felt the pain in his voice as she told me of the deaths both in residents and staff. I’ve seen how much he, and all the staff care. I wanted to do more to help.

“There was really no question about who I wanted to support as I embrace my anniversary challenge.”

Mandy will be putting her best foot forward with her beloved four legged friends, walking from Innerleithen to Edinburgh over the Old Drove Road and Pentlands at the end of August.

If you wish to donate to Mandy’s fundraiser for MHA visit her Just Giving page