SELKIRK environmentalists say locals have been "enthusiastic" about their new pop-up shop to help with recycling, home energy and environmentally friendly transport.

Sustainable Selkirk, part of Selkirk Regeneration, opened on July 27 at 1 Tower Street, working alongside the Selkirk Parish Church Eco Group.

Sustainable Selkirk’s project coordinator, Iain McLachlan, told the Border Telegraph: "Our goal is to support people in Selkirk to reduce carbon emissions through local transport and at home."

As well as offering support for clearing out recyclables, Sustainable Selkirk is offering advice and support for Souters wanting to make an environmental change in how they get around or what energy they use at home.

And once lockdown restrictions are lifted further, Mr McLachlan and his team hope to offer at-home visits to assess what people can do to be more energy efficient.

"We're taking names for our free home energy assessment," Mr McLachlan explained.

"We'll go around with the homeowner and see what they can do to save money and help the environment. We'll also offer personalised advice.

"It's really important to be energy efficient – for our health and for the environment.

"What's good for a person is good for the planet."

After marking their second week at 1 Tower Street, Mr McLachlan and home energy adviser Kasha Jarosz noted that there was "so much enthusiasm" from visitors to the shop who wanted a space for the climate conversation and to make changes.

"Having an energy-efficient home is good for our health, and so is having energy-efficient transport," said Mr McLachlan.

"We're aware of air pollution and how high levels of driving contribute to that.

"We want to help people to make changes, like walking or cycling more. We even have training on how to drive efficiently.

"There's real enthusiasm for wanting to help take steps for health and the environment."

When asked about his own reasons for joining Selkirk Regeneration, Mr McLachlan said: "It [environment] is something that mattered [to me] for years.

"The more aware I became, and as the science tells us to make changes, I realised how easy it was to make those changes.

"Personally it's really important, and it benefits the community."

The shop, which is set to move to 5 Tower Street once renovation work is completed, has necessary COVID-19 measures in place such as only two visitors at a time, screens and sanitisation stations.