A 20MPH speed limit should be introduced in Selkirk, according to some community councillors.

During a video-conference meeting on Monday (August 10), Selkirk Community Council members discussed ways to reduce speeding in the town.

David Deacon said: "We need to do something, rather than just talking."

Treasurer Judith Thompson expressed interest in Selkirk becoming a “20’s Plenty” town.

The national campaign, 20's Plenty For Us, aims to reduce speeds in residential and urban streets to 20mph.

Community council secretary Kirsty Lovatt explained that she had previously been part of a similar campaign.

She said she hoped 20's Plenty would be introduced in the town as it has "so many built up areas".

Ms Lovatt also revealed that when she had previously begun the process of introducing the traffic measure, she was advised that it was unlikely to be possible in Selkirk.

She said: "I was told it was too expensive to introduce new signage."

During Monday’s meeting, members all appeared to agree with the sentiment that there is a speeding issue in the town.

And Scottish Borders Council representative Caroline Cochrane, who represents Selkirkshire, said: "Fleece Corner [A7] is always a bad one [for speeding]."

It was then proposed by Ms Cochrane that a stall be included in the next Selkirk Farmers' Market, to be held on September 5, to gauge interest in supporting the move to a 20mph zone throughout the town.

The community council agreed to work on the creation of a town petition ready for public viewing.