Nicola Sturgeon is to give an update on the latest coronavirus restrictions in place in Scotland.

The First Minister will outline the country's current position on restrictions at today's FMQS in Holyrood at 12.20pm.

The Scottish Government is required by law to review lockdown restrictions every three weeks.

It has now been three weeks since Ms Sturgeon last announced the results of a review into the country's route map out of lockdown, and it is expected that Scotland will not progress into Phase 4 today.

In September, it was announced that a number of lockdown restrictions planned to be lifted at the start of October were set to be delayed once more. 

What could happen?

It is likely that Nicola Sturgeon will state that the country is to remain in Phase 3 of lockdown.

In addition, we could get confirmation that changes that were planned for October 5 will be delayed. 

These include:

  • The reopening of indoor sports courts – including skating and dance studios – for adults and young people (12+) for contact sports. 
  • Indoor soft play returning.
  • The return of certain outdoor live events (e.g. those involving focussed standing) with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene, and restricted numbers.
  • A return of certain indoor live events too – however these would be seated and ambulant with physical distancing in place.
  • Other indoor entertainment venues reopening – e.g. theatres and music venues – but not nightclubs.
  • A limited reopening of sports stadiums – with physical distancing and restricted numbers.

Other changes were previously deemed as “not proceeding before October 1” review, and so we could potentially see an update on the following:

  • The return of non-essential offices and call centres. 
  • And the following “must await further review”:
  • The return of indoor live events, e.g. standing live concerts

What about the 'circuit-breaker' lockdown?

We may get some clarity on the prospect of a 'circuit breaker' lockdown.

National clinical director Professor Jason Leitch said this morning that it may not be effective as the rate at which coronavirus in spreading is too high.

He told Good Morning Scotland today that said such measures tend to work best when the R number – the average number of people infected by each person who contracts Covid-19 – is just above one.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said last week the R number in Scotland was possibly as high as 1.6, and Prof Leitch said that is “a little bit higher” than the level it should be for a temporary lockdown to be the most effective option.

How to watch Nicola Sturgeon's update

We'll be bringing you all the latest here on our live blog, but to watch live, head over to Scottish Parliament TV