A BORDERS builder has unearthed precious pieces of local history in Galashiels.

While clearing soil, weeds and overgrown plants from his newly purchased builder’s yard in St Andrew Street, Damin Cleghorn found five church memorial plaques, all in near-perfect condition.

“I felt like part of Time Team,” joked Mr Cleghorn. “We were ready to make a mess and then we find this.”

The plaques include two commemoration stones for former reverends, two First World War memorials (both including the names of the fallen) and a fifth slab with a single name on it.

Mr Cleghorn, 35, is relieved he began the work without using heavy machinery straight away.

Border Telegraph:

Picture: One of the stones found by Mr Cleghorn

“We went in with hands and shovels,” he said.

“We were lucky we came in to scour before bringing the digger in.

“I think they [the memorials] might be from the church that used to be over the road.

“The deeds to the site made no mention of it being used for storage.”

And now Mr Cleghorn is hoping to find a new home for the memorials as he says they cannot remain at the site.

“We need to find a better home for them,” he said.

“The names on them will be locals.

“They mean something to somebody.”