ANOTHER Borders hospitality business has decided to close temporarily in response to the latest coronavirus restrictions.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon yesterday (October 7) announced that pubs and restaurants will not be allowed to serve alcohol indoors for 16 days starting on Friday (October 9). They will also have to shut at 6pm.

The Fleece Bar and Kitchen, on Ettrick Terrace in Selkirk, took to Facebook to describe the new rules as the "final kick in the teeth we really didn't need".

Tracey Ward, 48, who runs the restaurant with her husband Trevor, said the news was a “shock” and the “last thing they expected”.

She said: "Staying open isn't viable. It doesn't make financial sense."

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The restaurant will remain open under the new restrictions until Sunday, as it has honoured bookings made for the weekend. However, reservations made for after 6pm have been moved to earlier times.

The business is also due to host a wedding on Monday, with the alcohol ban not applying for that event.

Mrs Ward explained that although she and her husband will take some time for themselves during their closure, the rest of their time will be spent focusing on the business.

"We'll take a couple days for ourselves," she said. "We've worked the whole way through [the pandemic], six days a week, so we'll just chill out.

"But the biggest thing for us is we've been reactive to changes, not proactive.

"So we'll take time to list what we want to see going forward."

The restaurant owners also said they have received great support from locals throughout the pandemic.

"The support has been amazing," Mrs Ward said. "We feel like part of the community."