A NEW feature has been unveiled at the Galashiels War Memorial, nearly 100 years after it was first proposed.

The Border Torch, which includes a bronze torch, glass flame and plaque, was initially suggested in 1923 by councillor George Hope Tait, but due to budgetary constraints it could not be added.

Nearly a century later, the new element was unveiled on the Burgh Chambers on October 4, exactly 95 years to the day when the war memorial was first unveiled by Field Marshall Earl Haig of Bemersyde.

Border Telegraph:

The chairman of Gala Remembers, Bill White, said: “The addition of the Border Torch to our wonderful war memorial is a fitting and permanent tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice during two World Wars.

“It has great historical significance and is a poignant reminder of our fallen Galaleans.”

The torch was initially proposed by councillor and bailie Hope Tait, with plans for it to sit on the side of the Burgh Building facing Cornmill Square, where it now sits.

It was funded by Energise Galashiels Trust, with support from the public, local businesses and Scottish Borders Council through the Gala Remembers project.

Border Telegraph:

The torch will come on at 8pm every evening to remember the fallen, coinciding with the chimes of ‘Braw, Braw Lads’ as suggested by Hope Tait.

His granddaughter, Valerie Gray, unveiled the torch, although coronavirus restrictions meant the ceremony could not be opened to the public.

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