A BORDERS man who wasted police time with hoax 999 calls has been fined £200 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

John Condie, 41, of Hawick, pleaded guilty to breaching the Communications Act during the early hours of March 13.

Fiona Hamilton, prosecuting, said at around 1am an anonymous call was received by the 999 service from a man who said he had had a lot to drink and was traced to the High Street area.

Ms Hamilton: "A further call was made, which turned out to be by the accused, saying he was going to rob somewhere and then terminated the call.

"A message was sent to the mobile number warning about the misuse of the 999 service.

"A further call was made from the accused saying he was going to put a window in and that he had a gun and two knives and then going on to say he had six guns and then started saying his life was boring and that he wanted attention.

"Police officers traced the accused in the High Street.

"He told them he wanted to be arrested because he was bored and wanted some excitement.

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"He was warned about his behaviour and officers left him.

"At that point he was in the High Street and told to go home.

"Unfortunately at 1.50am a further call was received by the 999 call service with the accused saying again he wanted to be arrested.

"Officers attended at his home and arrested him.

"In reply to caution and charge he said: "I regret what I have done."

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said his client suffered mental health difficulties which required appropriate medication.

He said: "He has had difficulties with alcohol and was feeling sorry for himself.

“He had fallen out with one of his friends.

"He was saying more ridiculous things to get the attention of the police.

"He apologised to the police for this."

Mr Hulme pointed out the incident happened before the national lockdown in March, seven months ago, and had not come to the attention of the court since.

In addition to the fine, Sheriff Peter McCormack imposed a £10 Victim Surcharge.