NHS Borders has reacted to the news that the region has been placed into Level 2 of the new five-tier lockdown system.

This afternoon (October 29), First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed details of the system, which will come into force on Monday in a bid to curb coronavirus across Scotland. The system runs from Level 0 (allowing the most freedoms) to Level 4 (the strictest rules).

A joint statement from NHS Borders and Scottish Borders Council has been published, now that the Borders knows it will be in Level 2.

The statement reads: “The Scottish Government’s introduction of a new multi-level system to address the COVID-19 pandemic is a significant development.

“It is clearly helpful to have appropriate local measures in place to address the threat that COVID-19 presents in our communities.

“Here in the Scottish Borders, NHS Borders and Scottish Borders Council continue to work closely to ensure that every appropriate measure is taken to support individuals, their families and wider communities at this difficult time.

“It is essential that everyone follows the current guidance and adheres to the restrictions in place.

"Through that compliance we can be most confident of low rates of infection and, in time, reduced restrictions by being placed into Level 1.”

Meanwhile, NHS Borders chairwoman Karen Hamilton said: “We welcome the introduction of the new system and are committed to working alongside Scottish Borders Council to inform decisions about any future change to the level for the Scottish Borders.

“In the meantime we would encourage everyone to fully comply with the guidance so that we continue to protect each other and our services.”