A SELKIRK businesswoman has brought an international campaign to the Borders through her window display.

Jo Walker, owner of The Wee Event Place in Selkirk learnt about the #EndSARS movement through social media and decided she had to do something to bring attention to the campaign locally.

She said: "I felt it was the only thing I could do to contribute."

The protests, which were against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) – a unit of the Nigerian Police – began last month shortly after the nation celebrated the 60th anniversary of its independence.

Miss Walker, 32, whose daughter is Black, said she was moved to engage with the movement as it helps to acknowledge "the uncomfortable".

She said: "Ignorance is, I believe, the main cause as to why many wrongs in the world have been allowed and continue to happen.

"Not enough of us care, we choose not to as it easier.

"Bringing attention to such campaigns is not going to be unhelpful, it pushes parents to answer questions from their children and encourages grandchildren to explain to their grandparents."

Miss Walker added that reactions to her displays have been "mixed".

She said: "From cynicism and confusion to cute sounds of admiration smiles and head nods of approval.

"It depends on the installation and who’s observing."

For some, lockdown has shone a light on global problems – such as racism, transphobia and police brutality – and for Miss Walker, this was also true.

"Lockdown happened and very few of us had the excuse not to listen," she said. "The death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement was monumental to my own learning and is held closely to us as a beautiful blended family.

"It has become painfully apparent of how irresponsible some people and organisations are."

And looking to the future, Miss Walker has plans for more window displays based on political and social movements.

"I definitely have more ideas for future window displays and am currently thinking of how to demonstrate the disgrace of Poland’s new Abortion Law," she added.

The Wee Event Place offers a variety of services, including balloon bouquets, however, it is currently not offering indoor installations due to coronavirus.

The Wee Event Place can be found on Facebook and Instagram as @the.wee.event.place