SPEEDING cyclists racing through a Peeblesshire village have been causing havoc, community leaders were told this month.

Residents from Cardrona contacted Tweeddale Councillor Stuart Bell who raised the concerns at Innerleithen and District Community Council.

He said: “I had a concern expressed from a resident in Cardrona about speeding bikers and according to what I was hearing, they were going at speeds that I certainly can’t achieve.

“They were going on the pavement and causing all sorts of issues.

“When I traced the issue down it related to the area around the pump and jump track location just where the cycle path goes across the golf course.

“I’ve discussed this specifically with the Village Association and I came to the view that we should wait until the 20mph have gone up and they have.

“I also suggested erecting some laminated signs on lampposts on Cardrona Way and on the road leading to Leeburn to the track, highlighting that there are children there and encouraging cyclists and motorists to drive with care.

“The view was that it would be a help even after the implementation of 20mph.

“There remains a view amongst some of the residents of Cardrona that actually having some chicanes on Cardrona Way would mitigate speed, but I think we need to wait until the evaluation of the 20mph before we can pursue that route.”

The issue also led to fresh calls for a representative from the surrounding villages to join the community council.

Mr Bell, who is an SNP councillor for the Tweeddale East ward, added: “It would be really fabulous if this community council could get a representative from Cardrona.

“I think that might be a bit of a challenge in terms of the fact that they’ve got two owners’ associations there.

“But it would be good to get a representative from the village that had a link across those two associations and, just as we’ve already discussed, getting a representative from Kirkhouse and Traquair would be really useful also.”