A SPECIAL exhibition dedicated to the Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe is set to open in Selkirk this weekend.

From November 21-28, the General Store (to open next year) will be the temporary home for a collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, posters and newspaper clippings spanning decades.

Former civil servant Denis Roberts has amassed around 50 individual pieces related to the "mysterious" Marilyn Monroe "stretching decades".

"Whenever I was out I would buy the odd picture or poster and it grew from there," Mr Roberts said.

"Her life was very interesting, especially the way she was treated."

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The display of all Mr Roberts' memorabilia in Selkirk may seem strange to some, however, last year The Scotsman reported that DNA testing had proven that Ms Monroe (born Norma Jean Mortenson – but used her mother's maiden name as her stage name) was a descendant of Moray's Clan Munro.

Ms Monroe was an icon of 1950s cinema – she was the star of Some Like it Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and The Seven Year Itch.

"She came across as a dumb blonde," Mr Roberts said, "but she was a very good actress.

"I think people will appreciate what they see [in the exhibition].

"I'm surprised at how interested in her people are – even now."

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Sue Briggs, owner of the General Store in Selkirk, wanted "to give people something to smile about between now and Christmas" so has opened up her business ahead of its official opening in 2021.

Of Ms Monroe, Ms Briggs said: "You look at her and she was just a star – in the way old Hollywood stars were.

"She had an incredible presence."

The exhibition will be open for free entry from 10am to 4pm each day between November 21-28, and will open until 7pm on Friday, November 27.

Coronavirus restrictions, including the wearing of face-coverings, hand sanitisation and social distancing, will be in place.