MORE than a quarter of community councils have said the 20mph roll-out across the Borders is ‘a great idea’, according to a survey.

The survey, carried out by Scottish Borders Council, asked local councils to rate the new speed limits, ranging from ‘a great idea’ to ‘terrible’.

In the survey, 26% described the safety programme as ‘a great idea’, 32% rated it as ‘good’, 15% were undecided, 12% said it was ‘not the best idea’, while 9% rated it as ‘terrible’. More than 5% of councils did not select an answer.

SBC’s traffic and road safety leader, Philippa Gilhooly, said the feedback showed a “mixed result”.

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Ms Gilhooly said: “There’s not a lot of research being carried out on traffic calming measures, but synergy with a number of measures seems to be a better way of traffic calming.

“People would rather keep moving than being stop-start,” she added.

“What we can see is people generally like the 20mph on the roads they live but they’re not quite as keen on the streets they drive on.”

Ms Gilhooly revealed that the final towns to receive the 20mph limits would do by next Friday.

The survey was discussed at an audit and scrutiny committee yesterday (December 10), chaired by councillor Stuart Bell.

Mr Bell, a member for Tweeddale East, said there is a “growing set of tensions” about the limits, adding that there is “difference in what is appropriate in living areas and arterial roads”.

Adding his thoughts about the speed restrictions, councillor for East Berwickshire Jim Fullarton said: “As an old grandfather, it allows me to cross the street.

“But on open roads it’s frustrating. Any long roads where there is a clear road in front, drivers are frustrated.”

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Mr Fullarton also voiced concerns about emissions, adding: “Try driving a lorry or a truck at 20mph, it isn’t efficient. Both sides of the argument are very controversial.”

Councillor for Mid Berwickshire John Greenwell said he believes the council is “onto a winner here” with the programme.

“It’s fair to say when this first came on the horizon there was very vocal opposition,” he said.

“As time goes on there has been a shift in that opposition and they are now taking a more pragmatic view. Most of the opposition came from men.”

Ms Gilhooly said that community councils would be issued with a further survey in January.