A BORDERS artist and an award-winning publisher have joined forces to bring the practice of mindfulness to readers of all ages.

The owner of the Wee Book Company, Susan Cohen, and Peeblesshire artist Heather McLennan have released their first book together, inspired by Ms McLennan’s artwork.

“It’s a writer’s dream to work with an artist,” said Ms Cohen. “I had stunning pieces of original art to work with.”

Bea and Brodie’s Mindful Journey follows the story of Bea the bee and Brodie the Highland cow as they travel from the Borders around Scotland to lift Brodie’s mood.

“It’s a therapeutic book,” said Ms Cohen. “It’s a gentle introduction to mindfulness.”

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The first Bea and Brodie book is aimed at children aged five and over (and adults). However, Ms McLennan and Ms Cohen hope the third book in the series will be tailored to an adult audience.

Ms McLennan added: “It’s in rhyme which is lovely, very uplifting.

“I gave a copy to a friend who is ex-police who said it’s not just for children.”

All the artwork and words in Bea and Brodie were created during the first lockdown and the book’s creators say the lessons learnt during those months are mirrored in their book.

“Lockdown is mirrored in the book,” said Ms Cohen. “We tried to make the days count.

“The energy from writing in lockdown comes through in the book.”

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When this newspaper spoke with Ms Cohen and Ms McLennan they had only met in person eight weeks previously, but had spent months creating their characters.

Ms McLennan said: “We bounced ideas off each other, and suddenly I could identify with my characters.

“I think of them like children.

“She’s [Cohen] brought them to life.”

Bea and Brodie’s Mindful Journey has been sold internationally, and Ms Cohen and Ms McLennan already have second and third instalments of the series in mind.

“[Bea and Brodie] touched people we couldn’t have dreamed of,” said Ms McLennan. “It came together beautifully.”

Bea and Brodie’s Mindful Journey is available from all good book stores and the last remaining copies of the first print run are available from the Wee Book Company website.