A POSTMAN helped to save an injured seal pup in the Borders, it has been revealed.

Scottish SPCA, an animal welfare charity, has told the stories of some of its most unusual rescues from 2020.

Jenny Scott, an inspector at the Scottish SPCA’s National Wildlife Rescue Centre, responded to the injured seal pup in Eyemouth in November.

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The seal found itself out of the water in Killiedraught Bay which is surrounded by cliffs.

“The seal pup had some quite nasty looking injuries on her flippers so she needed veterinary attention at our wildlife hospital,” said Ms Scott, who had to leave her van at the top of the cliffs to attend to the stranded pup.

“I managed to contain the pup but then had to make my way to my van up the steep, muddy cliff path with a 39kg seal.

“Thankfully, a nearby postman had seen my struggle and came to give me a helping hand. He rescued me during my rescue,” she added.

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“This made the journey much easier and we got the pup safely in the van.

"She is now recuperating at our wildlife centre and receiving the treatment she needs.

“Thank you so much to the kind postman – without him I would have really struggled to get up the cliff.”

Lockdown has been busy for the rescue centre, with 6,711 admissions from March to the end of the year.