A BORDERS man has written a book about growing up in the region – and he recounts “several near-death experiences”.

Loudon Temple, a former journalist, penned his first book in the first coronavirus lockdown detailing his experiences in rock and roll bands in the Borders during the 1960s and 70s.

Growing up in Hawick, Mr Temple has now turned to his childhood years to release a second book.

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“It will seem like this one flew out in record time,” said Mr Temple, who runs Brookfield-Knights music agency.

“But in actual fact, I’ve been tinkering away at this for some time, well over a year.

“It was the big health scare that presented me with the opportunity to write The Music Goes ‘Round and ‘Round, the book that looked back on the Borders music scene and all of my other exploits associated with music over the years.

“Once I started, it just all flowed, and it was done and dusted in around 10 weeks. This one’s been more of a slow burner.”

Having grown up in the Borders in the 1950s, Mr Temple says the book, called There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills, delves into his “daredevil exploits” as a youngster.

“As a lively, thrill-seeking youngster, I got into more scrapes than the average schoolboy, including several near-death experiences, but survived unscathed to tell the tale,” recalls Mr Temple.

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“When you're born on Good Friday and baptised at Easter, it is said that you'll inherit the power of healing – wouldn't that have been a blessing for a youngster with an adventurous spirit who collected bumps and bruises instead of stamps,” he added.

“Some of these childhood recollections will hopefully raise a smile, while others will possibly shock, surprise and take the reader’s breath away.

“I was an awfy daft laddie!”

Due to be launched on January 21, There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills will be available from various different outlets.

It can also be purchased online at beenandgoneanddoneit.com