CHILDREN in the Borders made their way back to school on Monday (February 22) as classrooms welcomed back little ones in nursery and P1-P3.

For more than six weeks the only children in schools were those classed as vulnerable and the children of key workers.

The Border Telegraph and Peeblesshire News spoke with eight parents sending their children off in their uniforms for the first time since Christmas.

In Galashiels, Jennifer Duff said her daughter Fallon (P1) was “a bit nervous” ahead of her first day back.

“She [Fallon] was excited this morning and was really happy when she got to school and seen her teacher and classmates," said Jennifer.

And in St Boswells, Lisa Watson, mum to Logan (P1), said: “Logan said he enjoyed his first day back at school seeing all his friends again.

"I am glad that they are back to school as home-schooling been a struggle with having a two-year-old at home and still working.

“I can now relax knowing Logan getting proper learning at school again.”

Kayleigh Muir, mum to seven-year-old Tyler Ford (P3), said: “Since home-schooling, I have a newfound respect for teachers!

“Tyler was just so excited about getting to see his friends again.”

Donna Leslie, mum of five-year-old Aria Lynas (P1) from Innerleithen, said her daughter arrived home with a “huge smile” on her face.

Aria said: “I feel so happy seeing all of my friends again. We played, we doodled and coloured in and we went outside in the sunshine.”

Louie Rorison (P3), aged seven, was very excited to get back to Priorsford Primary School in Peebles.

“When my mum woke me up the first morning back, I asked ‘is it morning... yesssss’,” he said.

“It’s so awesome to be back at school with my friends and my teacher!”

Kirsty Renton is mum to seven-year-old Ollie – a P3 pupil at Kingsland Primary School in Peebles.

Kirsty said: “Ollie found it a bit confusing that he was going back to school whilst his big sister was staying at home.

"He’s fine with it now and he’s so happy to see all his friends and teachers again.”

Seven-year-old Harper (P3) “loved her first day back”, according to her mum, Danielle Johnston.

Danielle, of Melrose, added: “Let’s not lie I’m no teacher, and it’s been a tough time for everyone and as long as the kids are happy that’s all that matters to me.

“And Harper is more than happy to be back learning face to face.”

And Sam Henry (P1), aged six, was “bouncing with joy” when he came home from Priorsford Primary, according to his mum Catherine.

She added: “He was so happy to have played with his friends and teachers and really proud to have shown his teachers the work he had completed at home with the fabulous support of Priorsford over the last few months.

“The difference in him is unbelievable, he is back to his usual happy self.”