YOUNG environmentalists in the Borders have organised an online event to coincide with the global ‘climate strike’ today (Friday, March 19).

Fridays for Future (FFF), the movement started by Greta Thunberg, is encouraging young people across the world to take action by demanding “no more empty promises” from politicians.

As physical meetings are banned under coronavirus rules, Peebles High School student Ruby Finn has organised a virtual event for this evening.

Ruby, an FFF activist, said: “On March 19, a group of young people from Fridays for Future Scottish Borders are hosting an online event where young people from across the Borders can learn about the work of different local sustainability and environmental groups.

“We think it’s really important to keep the conversation on the climate going, even through lockdown, which is why we’ve decided to make it virtual.

“It can be overwhelming and confusing sometimes, to try and get involved in local groups, which is why we wanted to organise this event to make this as simple as possible.”

Border Telegraph: Ruby Finn has organised an online meetingRuby Finn has organised an online meeting

In recent years, much public attention has been drawn to the climate crisis.

But activists in the Borders say that “instead of further emphasising the doom and gloom”, they wish to encourage people to seek solutions.

Across the region, individuals and groups are already taking practical steps to help the environment.

Greener Melrose runs the community orchard, woodland, allotments, hut and forest garden at Drygrange, just off the A68.

The group’s chairman Donald McPhillimy said: “We should be proud of the positive actions our community is already taking.”

He added: “Greener Melrose is just one of the groups acting to build a more sustainable future and there’s lots of other great examples of positive actions.”

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Meanwhile, XR Scottish Borders member Heather Finlayson said: “Many climate experts are advising government, but we need to keep up the pressure to ensure our elected representatives focus on climate and the environment and prioritise a just transition that creates green jobs while achieving social justice.

“Friends of the Earth and others are doing a lot of work promoting the Green New Deal.”

She added: “This COVID pandemic will pass, but climate change is here to stay.

“We must do all we can to support the younger generation in their quest for action to mitigate adverse effects on their future.

“Scientists and experts tell us we have just nine years left to take remedial green actions needed to reduce our carbon emissions to 1.5 degrees and avoid an irreversible catastrophic tipping point.

“The solutions are all there – we just need to have the collective will to transform these solutions into actions.”

To join the online event which takes place at 7pm today (Friday), email