RESIDENTS have once again been left to clean up mess discarded by revellers in a popular Borders park.

Large groups of “teenagers” are said to be gathering in Hay Lodge Park, Peebles, despite lockdown restrictions that remain in place.

Under the current rules in Scotland, up to four adults from two different households are able to meet in any outdoor space. For those aged 12-17, there is still a cap of four people but the two-household limit is removed.

However, concerns have been expressed about the number of young people congregating in the park, with broken glass and rubbish often left strewn all over the place.

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A frustrated dog walker has revealed she cleaned up the mess last weekend.

The Peebles resident said she spotted a group of around 12 teenage boys drinking last Saturday afternoon [March 27].

She headed around the viaduct and then when she returned to Hay Lodge, she tidied up the mess.

After describing her experience through social media, other Facebook users expressed their dismay and urged their fellow townsfolk to report anti-social behaviour to the police.

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But one resident felt that a proactive approach was required instead of “criminalising” young people.

She said: “Could an idea be put to Scottish Borders Council to create a targeted detached team of youth workers who work out on the street and within the schools?

“This would allow some positive work to be done with different groups of young people to ensure they understand the issues of the community and encourage them to understand social responsibility.

“Detached youth teams are also so important for providing young people with help and advice on a number of different issues they will be faced with growing up.”