A PAIR of Borders chefs have enjoyed success with a BBQ food business they launched in lockdown.

Iain Gourlay and Stuart Palmer set up Smoke N Flame after their usual work at Peeblesshire's Cringletie hotel was disrupted by the pandemic.

After starting out in Peebles' Saturday market, the pair’s BBQ prowess quickly got to be in high demand – allowing them to offer a delivery service throughout the week.

Mr Gourlay said: “Something great has come out of COVID. We've managed to do this and it shows that there’s a demand for it. Week on week we have been building.”

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The business has relied on support from Tweed Valley Venison, which has supplied the meat and ingredients and allowed the use of its premises.

Mr Gourlay said: “We have the use of their butchery and we make everything by hand, from scratch. We smoke all our ribs, we mince all our meat for our burgers.

“Nothing is bought in or processed, we know exactly what goes in everything. A lot of times you think it’s just a big fatty burger but it’s not.

“We know exactly what goes into it and we can control it that way and this shows in the final product.”

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Describing the burgers, Mr Gourlay added: “If you have not made a mess of yourself, it has not been a good burger.”

The delivery service has proven to be a huge hit, according to Mr Gourlay.

“The opening week was an eye opener – it went off like a rocket,” he said.

The success has come as a pleasant surprise to the chefs, who were looking to exercise their culinary talents over the lockdown period.

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But the in-demand pair have enjoyed offering a service to Peebles and the surrounding area.

Smoke N Flame has been noted for its specials which liven up an already stacked menu.

Mr Gourlay said: “Both me and Stuart have worked in high-end fine dining so we understand the visual aspect of food is very important.

“So every time we are putting a burger together you’ve got to consider what it’s going to look like when it comes out.”

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This skillset has allowed the men to create a home-dining experience that is not only delicious but visually stunning as well.

“It’s just good honest food with a bit of a twist,” said Mr Gourlay.

He and Mr Palmer have announced that Smoke N Flame will soon be taking a break, as both chefs will be returning to the hotel, but they will still be taking orders until April 24.