A BORDERS woman who confronted a former partner at his home and then rubbed mud on his white vehicle before smashing the windscreen with a traffic cone has been placed on a supervision order for one year.

Emma Drummond, 27, of Hawick, was also ordered to pay the man £100 in compensation and was made the subject of a non-harassment order for two years.

Depute fiscal Miriam Clark said the incident happened in December 2019 when Drummond and a friend went round to her ex-partner's home address and repeatedly punched and kicked the door.

Ms Clark said: "She was demanding entry but the former partner would not let her in. She was continually shouting and screaming through the door at him and he repeatedly asked her to stop.

"The incident woke up neighbours. The accused appeared to leave but 20 minutes later was seen in the street rubbing mud on to the man's white Volkswagen car.

"He shouted at her to stop and she left the area but returned and smashed the windscreen of the car with a traffic cone.

"She then left in the direction of Teviotdale Leisure Centre.

"Police caught up with her on Tuesday, December 17, 2019.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said his client's relationship with the man was not a happy one and after having a few drinks with a friend in which they discussed what had happened in the previous relationship "negative feelings" emerged and they decided to confront the man.

He said: "They got it into their heads to go to his address and have a go at him."