VELVET is the winner of our Perfect Pet competition 2021.

For nearly two months, readers of the Peeblesshire News and the Border Telegraph sent in their votes.

And now we can declare that four-year-old Velvet received the most.

The Nebelung-Russian Blue cross lives in Walkerburn with her owner Roseann McGee.

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When we spoke with Roseann about Velvet winning the £500 prize, the proud owner said: “I was so pleased.

"When I got the phone call I was so excited, I told my family and everyone’s so excited. She’s a wee star.”

Velvet joined 52-year-old Roseann in January 2020, not long before the first coronavirus lockdown.

Roseann said: “I got her just at the right time.

“I feel like we found each other – it was meant to be.”

Border Telegraph: Four-year-old Velvet from Walkerburn received the most votes. Photo: Helen BarringtonFour-year-old Velvet from Walkerburn received the most votes. Photo: Helen Barrington

Roseann said Velvet has been "the best company,” adding: “I just love her so much. She gets spoiled rotten.”

And it seems Velvet will be getting a few more treats through her winnings.

“Not that I can get many more toys in this house,” joked Roseann.

She acquired Velvet through a rehoming charity and, although there were some hurdles to overcome, Roseann says it was all worth it.

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“She was worth all the waiting and all the expense,” Roseann said. “They [the charity] called me up out of the blue and asked if I could go and pick her up in Perth. Literally within a couple of days she was settled in.”

Roseann, who works for Holland and Sherry in Peebles as part of the interior design department, has now returned to work after being furloughed for seven months last year.

“It was just me and her [Velvet],” said Roseann. “[Now] she’s waiting behind the door for me when she hears me walking up the stairs.”

The pet who came second is Totoro, a Pomeranian from Peebles. Owner Victoria Anderson will take home the £100 prize.

Harry the hamster – and owner Connor Finnigan – came third. They win £50.