A BORDERS man who made threatening phone calls to the father of his partner has been fined £150 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

Ryan Foulis, 24, who gave an address in Duns, pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening or abusive behaviour at a house in Eyemouth on October 17 by shouting and swearing and making abusive remarks and threats of violence.

Fraser Matheson, prosecuting, said the father received a phone and recognised the male voice of his daughter's former partner.

Mr Matheson said the accused shouted “I am going to rip your f****** face off” and another threat about just waiting until it was over.

Mr Matheson added: "There was another call a short time later and another two calls later which the complainer can remember the words ‘tick tock’ and "your time is running out you f****** pussy".

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said his client was living with the man's daughter having resumed their relationship.

He said that Foulis claimed the father and his partner's brother had been intimidating him.

Mr Patrick continued: "He has got drunk one night and made these calls."

He added that Foulis had applied to re-join the British Army and asked if the case could be disposed of.

He said joining the Army could help take the sting out of the bad blood between the two parties at the moment.

Foulis was fined £150 with a £10 Victim Surcharge.