A PEEBLESSHIRE charity has praised the kind nature of the local community during the last year.

Tweed Togs, which provides children's clothing to families in need, said that it had been "very fortunate" over the last year to experience little to no interruptions to its services.

"The community has never ceased to support us, without a doubt," said Susan Walker, one of Tweed Togs founding members.

She added: "It's really significant to know that the people in this community are extremely supportive and generous.

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"During the pandemic, when families and individuals have really struggled, there are so many people out there, who are willing to support charities – not just Tweed Togs – actually try to help, and I think that's really heartening."

The group of volunteers was originally working from a space at Kailzie Gardens, however, due to renovation works, at the end of 2020 the group needed to find new premises.

Then in March 2021, Tweed Togs was able to move into its new home at Peebles Business Hub (based in Peebles Auction House) thanks to owner Gary Rennie.

And thanks to help from the new owners of Kailzie Gardens, Steve and Susan Plag, Tweed Togs had 150 boxes of stock moved to their new space on Old Church Road, which Mr Rennie had cleared and installed heating in before their arrival.

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The move to the Business Hub, and COVID-19 restrictions meant volunteers were working in smaller groups in shifts.

Susan said: "There was 15-17 [of us] working together sometimes, it was hilarious, there was an awful lot of chat.

"A really nice part of it was at the end of the day when we got together and have coffee, just chatting things through.

"At the Auction House, because of the [COVID] restrictions, we have to work in groups of four or five in three shifts between 9.30am to 2pm. And it's not the same.

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"So, we're not all together, and that has a huge impact because we miss it really because there's a lot of friendships forged."

As well as receiving their regular clothing donations, Tweed Togs have also received financial support from the community and local businesses.

The Business Hub has selected Tweed Togs as its "chosen local charity of the year" and Steve and Susan Plag, have agreed to give 60 per cent of ticket sales to the charity from Scotland's Garden Scheme taking place at Kailzie on July 25.

"From a fundraising point of view, no one's been able to fundraise [this year]," said Susan (Walker). "I think people like Steve and Susan Plag giving us that open garden scheme [donation], that's a marvellous thing to do.

"Giving it to us, with hardly knowing us, is brilliant."

Due to limited storage space, Tweed Togs are making donation requests via their Facebook page as needed.