A GALASHIELS man knocked a man out cold during an assault in a local public house, Selkirk Sheriff Court has been told. 

Twenty-five-year-old Callum Ross pleaded guilty to punching Mark Adamson on the head in Reivers Bar on July 25 last year causing him to fall to the ground losing conciousness and while he was lying there punching him again to the head to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement. 

Depute fiscal Miriam Clark told a previous hearing that at around 6.45pm the accused and his partner entered Reivers Bar and were sitting in the beer garden. 

She continued: “One hour later an unknown male, Mark Adamson, joined the group and attempted to make conversation. 

“Ross got up to buy drinks and was walking towards the bar when Mr Adamson pushed Mr Ross with both hands to the chest causing him to fall over a bench and onto the ground. 

“Adamson tried to walk away but Ross punched him to the head knocking him to the ground and punched him again when he was lying on the ground.” 

Ms Clark said that Ross and his partner left the scene but witnesses described Adamson as being knocked out cold. 

Police attended soon after and Adamson was taken to Borders General Hospital for further treatment where it was confirmed he had lost a tooth and a cut head. 

He was examined by a doctor who found there had been a bleed to the brain and in fact he had lost two teeth. 

Adamson was discharged from hospital but had to return later as he was suffering from headaches and a loss of balance. 

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said the incident had been started by the victim but admitted his client had “crossed the line” and he could not rely on a defence of self-defence. 

The court heard that Ross had now moved from Galashiels and was living in Doncaster. 

Sheriff Peter Paterson accepted that Ross had been assaulted first but he could not escape the fact that Ross had punched the man to the head while he was lying on the ground which he described as a “cowardly act”.

He imposed a Restriction of Liberty Order at his new home in Doncaster for the next 20 weeks between the hours of 7pm and 5am as a direct alternative to custody.