A BORDERS man has been jailed for three years after his third conviction for having indecent images and videos of children.

Daniel Mark, 24, pleaded guilty to possessing the pornographic images and videos at his Killies Green home in Eyemouth between January 4 last year and December 16.

He also admitted further charges of making or permitting to be taken indecent images of children and distributing or showing indecent photos of children.

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Jedburgh Sheriff Court heard that police obtained a search warrant and found a mobile phone which contained the images and videos which Mark had been distributing.

Sheriff Daniel Kelly said the images and videos featured children aged between three and 14 years old who were in extreme distress.

Taking into account his previous convictions he added: "There is no suitable alternative to imprisonment."

Mark has also been subject to the notification requirement of the Sexual Offences Act for three years.

The three year jail sentence was back-dated to December 17 when Mark was first remanded in custody.