MORE than 50,000 potholes have been repaired in the Borders, according to a spokesperson for the council.

The council’s pothole programme has been underway for a number of months.

In June, Scottish Borders Council (SBC) leader Shona Haslam said that the local authority is "ploughing every single spare penny" into upgrading the region's roads.

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On Monday, a spokesperson for SBC said: “Up to the end of last week, 54,485 pothole repairs have been carried out.

“Further trials with the JCB PotholePro have been undertaken since the initial demonstration and these went well.

“Whilst it is not a complete solution that can be used in every situation, it does offer advantages in the correct environment.

“Staff are currently evaluating what the best utilisation of the equipment might be in terms of budget allocation and staffing resource before any decision is made for it to be employed on a more permanent basis.”