A PEEBLES couple has warned pet owners to be vigilant after their dog’s paw was sliced open on broken glass.

German Shepherd Zausha was wandering around Whitestone Park on Saturday morning when she stood on broken shards of glass.

Her owners, Nancy and Bill Fenton, were alarmed when they heard their dog yelping in pain and rushed over to find two deep slices on the pad of her paw.

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“It was awful,” said Nancy. “When we got her home, she was whimpering, and it was very difficult to calm her down so we could clean it and make sure all the glass was out.”

Zausha had her paw bandaged, but later that evening, her owner had gone into the kitchen to be faced with blood all over the floor.

Nancy told us: “Her paw was bleeding badly, but it has stopped now. However, she is limping and clearly in discomfort, so we only take her for short walks. We are hoping it will heal itself but, if not, we will have to take her to the vet.”

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After posting a photo on social media to warn other dog owners, Nancy said: “People drinking in the pavilion are just mindlessly throwing their empty bottles. It is so irresponsible, and the result of their behaviour is that our dog is badly injured.”

Broken glass is prevalent around the streets and parks of Peebles, and many locals find themselves picking it up to avoid potential injuries.

Peebles Rovers football club has spent many weekends picking up the litter and glass smashed at the pavilion.

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It took volunteers an hour to clear debris and glass last Saturday before they could begin training.

The club had this message for the offenders. “Use the stand, by all means, enjoy it and respect others that use the surrounding area. There is no excuse at all for the smashed glass every week.”

One Peebles resident told us that she uplifted the neck of a smashed glass bottle from the lane which runs between Connor Street and Rosetta Road, adding: “Children use the lane to go to and from the primary school, so it’s potentially very dangerous.”

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Week after week, there are warnings plastered all over social media urging people to be vigilant where areas are covered in shattered glass.

Another local from the town said: “It’s such a shame because there are groups of young people in the town, who enjoy themselves and then take their litter and bottles to the bin.

“Then, if there’s no room, they place it next to the bin. Why everyone can’t do that is beyond me.”