A BORDERS art teacher has taken part in an animation project sharing the story of Coulter’s Candy.

The video, designed by Galashiels Academy art teacher Shona Lenaghan, with help from local primary school pupils, accompanies the Coulter’s Candy nursery rhyme, performed by Alastair McDonald.

Created in collaboration with Scots Hoose – a Scots language platform for children – the animation also includes sweets designed by pupils from St. Peter’s, Burgh, Balmoral and Glendinning schools.

Mrs Lenaghan, 52, told the Border Telegraph: “I was approached by writer Matthew Fitt and Jonathan Charles from the film company D fie foe because they knew that I was a local artist and they also knew that I am a trained illustrator and animator.”

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She added: “I got involved because I liked the idea of bringing the character Robert Coltart and the Galashiels buildings alive through animation.

“I also felt it would be a good way to encourage young children to use the Scots language and keep the story telling tradition alive.

“I knew that it would put my animation and illustration skills to good use and that the animation would help bring my community together.”

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The video has received plenty of local praise, but has also been found by fellow teachers across the Atlantic.

“The local community has reacted really well to the animation,” said Mrs Lenaghan. “Many people have commented on the fact that they sang this song to their children and that it brings back cherished memories for them.

“People have also made contact from all around the world because of their Scottish roots.

“One teacher from the USA, who teaches the use of the Scots language, has asked if they can use it as part of their curriculum.”

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Mrs Lenaghan has worked for Galashiels Academy for the last four years, having previously worked at Kelso High School.

Her interest in art was sparked by her father, Bill Lees – who was also an art teacher at the Academy – who took her sketching from a young age.

She says it was great working with local youngsters on this project, especially on such a well known story.

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She said: “The Coulter’s Candy song originates from Gala and most children have it sung to them when they are young.

“It is important to pass down our native language and story telling to future generations, as my family did when my grandparents and parents sang it me and then I sang it to my children.

“I have close links with St Peter’s Primary School because I attended it as a child and then I did some of my teacher training there.

“And prior to starting the Coulter’s Candy I was asked to go into the school to speak to the children about my work and being a Scottish landscape painter.

“The pupils were great to work with and they produced some amazingly colourful sweeties that featured in the film.”

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Looking to the future, Mrs Lenaghan has said she would create another animation with Scots Hoose.

She said: “I would love to take part in another project like this. Matthew has mentioned some ideas about future projects.”

To view the video, visit: youtu.be/NvUpiZWMW3E