THE LANGHOLM Initiative is organising a “tour o’ the moor” event over this weekend to give locals and donors the opportunity to walk the land the community currently owns as well as the further 5,300 acres that they are aspiring to own.

The group bought Tarras Nature Reserve from the Buccleuch Estate in March 2021. The largest community buy out in south Scotland at £3.8 million, the Estate manager is funded by the Esme Fairburn Foundation and the Development Manager is funded by South of Scotland Enterprise.

The purchase of the 5200 acres was achieved with support from the Scottish Land Fund, South of Scotland Enterprise, the John Muir Trust, the Carman Foundation, the Bentley Foundation, the Garfield Foundation and the Woodland Trust.

The online Crowd Funder surpassed its original target figure of £200,000 by almost £52,000 with many people contributing by other methods such as cheques and bank transfers.

“When the Buccleuch Estate put the land on the market, we had a huge and positive response from the local community for a local buy out. This piece of land reaches down to the town of Langholm and is well used. Culturally its part of the common ridings. We have got the local schools involved and many volunteers in how we are developing it already,” said development manager Angela Williams.

“The Tarras Valley is important to local people of all generations. They are regularly drawn to this area for picnicking, walking, and nature watching. Community ownership will allow us to improve picnic areas, footpaths, hides and parking facilities so that everyone can enjoy this incredible place.”

Estate manger Jenny Barlow added: “In the first 5 years of the project Langholm Initiative plans to create a new nature reserve. Natural regeneration has already begun along the Tarras Water. This will allow the woodland to recover, creating a wilder landscape and reducing riverbank erosion, downstream flooding and providing spawning ground for fish.”

For details and to book a place please contact or phone 013873 80914