A NEW exhibition is showcasing art created by members of the Peebles community.

Zenwalls Art Gallery, in High Street, will welcome several talented local artists for a special three-week show in October.

The artists have worked with the title Behind the Veil, having also taken inspiration from the Scottish Celtic festival of Samhuinn or Samhain which falls on October 31.

There will be original paintings and prints from Anna Dorward, Hazel Mclean, Sarah Long and Katrin Blackwater.

There will also be framed fine art photography from Hanisa Valentino and a felted sculpture by Ginny Britton.

The show will open the evening of Monday, October 18, at 6-8.30pm for a preview and will run until November 17.

Gallery manager Katy Swift said: “I first noticed Anna Dorward and Hazel Mclean in their art collective, ‘Oak Ash and Thorn’ and immediately knew their work would be perfect for exhibiting alongside some other local female artists, such as Sarah Long and Hanisa Valentino.

“We decided on the title for the show together with the artists and that it will be focused around the Celtic festival of Samhuinn.

“The Celtic wheel of the year, the seasons and Scottish folklore are all threads of inspiration that connect each of the artists involved in the show, so it seemed fitting to host the show in October.

“We’re delighted to be showcasing such strong local talent.”